About Personal Development Programs

All people share a set of universal needs, or what may be called the Domains of Well-being, regardless of our diverse backgrounds, cultural orientation, perspectives, and personal histories.  A Domain in your life is an area in which you live and interact, such as the quality of your relationship, your positive emotions and resilience, the realization of your potential or your overall satisfaction with life, i.e. your Well-being.  We humans all need to be


socially connected to other fellow human beings and thrive best in supportive communities. We are at our best when we live our authentic selves without feeling judged or at risk of significant harm to our sense of self-worth.  We find safety in stable and predictable environments and are in constant pursuit to exert a level of control and choice in our lives. Studies have found that people with higher psychological Well-being are more likely to live healthier and longer lives. They are also more likely to enjoy a better quality of life. Gain Contact Group offers a wide range of courses that seek to improve and maximize the Five Domains of Well-being in your own life. We hope that you will find that increasing Well-being does not happen by making progress in each single Domain independent of the others. Rather, the Domains are interconnected and build on each other. How we experience each Domain is deeply personal. But, whatever the case may be, we all need Well-being!