About our LIFE Skills Program

Our LIFE Skills Program helps children learn how to effectively function in their social environment, successfully navigate strong personal emotions, and significantly improve their academic performance. Our program builds on the following domain skill areas: Personal and Social Skills, Daily Living Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Occupational Skills, and Academic Skills.

Each component of the LIFE program is specifically designed to bridge the gaps that other programs are not able to effectively close. Whether the specific skill area falls within the personal and social, academic, or emotional domains, the LIFE PROGRAM is a multifaceted and comprehensive program designed to equip each child with all the tools needed to fit all the pieces together. Consequently, each child will attain the goal of this program, that is : Living Independently, Functioning Effectively.

The LIFE Program is available to all stake holders who are interested in helping children become better equipped to live in an increasingly demanding and challenging world. The LIFE Program is offered to educational institutions given the importance of emotional intelligence in the student’s overall academic achievement and life-fulfillment. It is also widely available to the public at large, more specifically, to those parents or care givers who are directly invested in the emotional well-being of their children. Conversely, if parents prefer to charge dedicated LIFE Skills Educators with this task, we regularly run one-on one LIFE Skills courses based on children’s needs. Our approach to teaching LIFE Skills courses moves beyond simply providing information. To help students achieve their goals, we strive to engage students in their learning to increase their motivation and retain what they have learned. Therefore, we based our curriculum on the extensive use of an interactive approach utilizing videos, games, role plays, and group discussions.

In order to help school staff, LIFE Educators as well as parents deliver the program in an effective way, we have carefully tailored the instructional materials to meet their unique needs, instructional style and specific learning environment. For parents each LIFE course utilizes PowerPoint presentation, audio recordings, and various activities. For school staff, LIFE courses utilize PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, scripts, as well as a variety of activities.