Schools not only help students improve their cognitive skills but also prepare them for adulthood by allowing them to develop behavioral and emotional skills. Such skills can’t be left to learn in the home setting alone especially since kids spend more time in school. Our in-house curriculum is comprehensive in its breadth and rich in its quality. It allows teachers to guide their students toward empowering their life skills through hands-on, creative, and interactive activities


Courses Basic Premium Premium Plus
Personal & Social Skills Feeling the Blues
Overcoming Grief
Anger Management
Friends Forever
Activate Your Self-esteem
Emotions 101
Break Free From Loneliness
Please Take a Compliment !
Acceptable or Unacceptable Behavior ?
Appreciating Constructive Criticism
Daily Living Skills Knock Out Kitchen Mess !
Doing Laundry like a Pro
Dressing to Win
Essential Hygiene for You
Kitchen Safety: A Choice Not a Chance
Healthy Eating, Healthy Life
Food Labels: You are What You Eat
Personal Budgeting Made Easy
Financial Literacy & Decision Making
Paying Bills Responsibly
Mastering Bill Payments Online
Budgeting for Successful Living
Planning Memorable Events
From Recreation to Creativity
Problem Solving Skills Learn Help-seeking Behaviors
Mastering Problem Solving
Living with Uncertainty
S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting
This or That ? Decision-Making Process
Communication Skills Identity Theft Prevention
Enhancing Conversation Skills
Hello, Who's There? Improving Telephone Skills
Telephone Etiquette
Occupational Skills Writing a Winning Resume
Teamwork and Leadership Skills Matter
The Complete Guide for a Job Application
Job Descriptions Matter!
Turn an Interview into a Job!
Get to Know Your Legal Rights
Building a Career for Life
Don't Prioritize your Schedule, Schedule Your Priorities!
One Team, One Dream
Workplace Skills for Success !
Work Attitudes of a Champion
Work Etiquette for Success
Navigating Relationships
Dress for Success
Time Mangement- More Done in Less Time at Work
Academic Skills Study Smarter, Not Harder
Time Management: More Done in Less Time at School
What Color is My Parachute ?

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