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🎓 Life Educator Training

We will provide training to your Life Skills Educators by a qualified professional at Gain Contact Group. The training will cover the rationale behind the Life Skills Program and its critical importance to the well-being of students in our current times. At the end of the training, your Life Skills Educators will not only have an overall understanding of the content and its relevance to students’ needs, they will also be able to reinforce learning through interactive materials, a wide range of activities, and fun exercises. In addition, the trainer will answer questions and make recommendations pertinent to the unique schools

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This is a safe online meeting space where Life Skills community members can communicate with each other, share knowledge, and talk about a wide variety of topics included in Life Skills program. Community members may ask questions about various topics, gather information to solve problems, and provide and receive feedback in a safe setting. Issues can be self-resolved or crowdsourced-solved thus creating communities of trust over time.